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Founded in April 1996, Alexa Internet grew out of a vision of intelligent Web navigation constantly improving through its users. Since then,  Alexa users have downloaded millions of Tool-bars, and Alexa has created one of the largest Web crawlers, and developed the infrastructure to process and serve you Its users with massive amounts of data.


I am using It and promoting it here at my Website because I get tons of free information alone from their free data that they deliver Daily. Plus it allows me to see where I am compared to others in my Niche against their standings. I have to spend some time there everyday now because I need to know what they know. I highly recommend you start tracking your progress with them.




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Poetry, Writes & Other Stuff from Sinbad the Sailor Man


This is my Personal Web page and Blog that you are on right now.


This is where I show case my Poetry, Writes and Other Interest.


There are teasers poems here to spark your interest in my poems and make the site a little more manageable and appealing to the eyes of the viewer.


I am using it like a non-formal On-Line Resume.



Clicking on Hubpages on this widget, will allow you to check out Hubpages writers, Sign in, or Sign Up!


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You after someone uses your referral link. This commission is from the publisher, and not you or the new member, but the publisher on your works and then theirs If they create any. Those works than produce, and as long as they keep posting you or your new member will keep receiving commissions.


Go ahead and give it a try there is no harm in trying it out. And It is Free to Join and you can Earn as you Learn! *Click*! To join in the Fun!  PWOSfStSMhub123





Traffic Slow? Are You Having Trouble with Interactions

Sometimes before you can see any one specific problem, you will have to break things down and apart, bust through the obstacles preventing you from seeing any problems that you have. Those that might be caused by your pride, ego, or inexperience.

If you’re finding it hard to get interaction from or (traffic) to, your website/Blogs. There are a few questions you need to ask yourself.

Is your information accessible and mobilize? With more and more users searching via mobile devices and always on the go, do you offer this capability? If you do not, users trying to find you may have hit a Stone wall, when they are out and about and on the go. There’s nothing worse than trying to find your favorite websites, while on the road and finding out these sites only render from a certain or single venue/page and in a computer related format only and won’t load onto your cell phone, I-pad, and/or the next new device that is now mobile.

I am not talking from experience, just yet, because I have not taken these steps yet myself, but I plan to. Is your Site/Blog is it properly optimized with keywords or tags, does your logo appear on all your pages, and your branding devices, along with your pen name? Have you made it as easy for potential users and the search engines to find your content and their pages, do you have a Traffic Wheel? Do you have a table of content or a TOC ? Do you have your site maps up and working properly? That means using the correct key words, linking them properly, making your site as crawl-able as possible for siders, and staying away from the many common mistakes we newbies will and do make.

Sometimes before you can see any one specific problem you have. You need to break through the obstacles preventing you from seeing any problems at all, which might be caused by your pride, ego, or inexperience. Seek others opinions, advice, and politely ask them for a review. Seek out a forum or a mentor to aid you in knowing what is hot and in the viewers face, at any given point in time.

Personal Interaction, Do You Offer Any?

If you want to attract people, you have to give them more of you. You have to stand out from the crowd and show them something that they’ll want to see more of. That is uniquely from you or how it is they can relate to you and your idea’s, your site, and your methods. They may like the way you talk or write to them etc. etc.


Take a look at your own site. Does it have a great home page? If so, do not forget all the rest of its pages make sure they posses a nice clear, clean, and crisp Headline, make sure to keep to a format. Remember Search Engines Don’t send your viewers to only your home page but to the Tag or key word that brought up the association to begin with. Do you use Sub Headlines with a slightly different size, color, and/or font? Do your links stand out or blend in to that format? Do you have a short precise introduction paragraph? What are you showing your potential viewers/customers about your motives? 

I don’t mean the ad graphics or the videos you choose to incorporate with your sites template. Do you even follow a template? Can they experience what you are creating? Can they tell their still in your site when they click other links or did you send them to a new page and forget to tell them to hit the back button to return? Are you using your site to set yourself apart, or do you come off like everyone else? Are you talking to viewers/customers in their own language or are you filling your pages up with buzzwords and technical jargon they do not yet understand? The more powerful your differentiation is from the many others out there.



Who can’t create or relate to you and your style or what you have created, the better! You’ll attract the right viewers/customers to yourself and your brand who will know others like you and themselves that want and desire your info, style, personality, flare, etc.etc.  ,.



If you’re finding it difficult still to attract viewer’s, members, leads, Friends, followers, and so on, via your website/ blogs or landing pages (micro mini sites) It may be time to ask yourself some hard questions. But, before you can fix the problem, you first have to identify it. Find all its quirks. What are some of the problems you’ve had, in the past attracting new leads? How have you fixed those problems? Do others you know and network with talk about these same problems? How did they solve them, have you done a search on them?

Customers don’t head to your site to hear how awesome you are. They’re there because they have a problem they need you to fix or a question they need you to answer or they share a common Hobby or dream of yours. Your website should be designed to help them quickly achieve whatever it is they came for. Too many references of “you, and only you” or too too much sales talk will turn them cold. Instead offer more helpful information, and address their concerns or fears and the ones you have had and have worked through. Tell them why and what it is you are working for IE. your /wants/desires. This sharing will turn peoples interest on instead of away. Your viewers /customers don’t care about you in most cases at first. All they care about initially is how it is you can help them.



Other things to seek out and learn about are listed below in no certain order.

Getting Started make a plan and plot it out.
Choosing a Niche make it something you love, anything at all will work If, you love it.
Domain Names remember they will reflect you and what it is you do. 
Blogging Platforms have several at least three.
Themes and Organization you’ll need them.
Pages, Posts, and Widgets get it together learn from the best and keep learning.
Images, videos, and other Media, visual media it works!
Comments and Discussion/ Interaction
Headlines, Sub headlines and Content Creation Create , Create, Create!
SEO (search engine optimization) its a must learn from the best.
Post Lengths and Posting Frequency
Blog promotion, Social Media, Social Networking learn to use them and get involved
Guest Blogging do you allow this or do you want full control of the provided Information?
Site maps for your site and for your blogs.  Search engines love site maps.
Privacy Policy people want to know this stuff and so will your partners and Affiliates. 

Now Can you be found?
Pen Names
Real name? Do you dare? 
Reputation do you have any?
Are you reachable an approachable. By email,  by snail mail address, and/ or  by phone?
Are you willing to interact?



Is there a conversation path in place? And is it a one way or a two way stream? Do you have a FAQ Page?


Viewer’s /customers don’t head to your site to hear how awesome you are. They come there because they have a problem, or an interest they need you to elaborate on, or a problem you know how to fix, or a question they need you to answer. 

Many web sites do not have a clear conversation path for their customers. If you want customers to take a certain action, you need to create a re pore with them. That lets them know how you intend to guide them. And that you are willing to do just that. 



Simply stringing together a number of content pages won’t necessarily put someone on the path that you intend for them to take. The path may be a simple landing page, paired with a call to action, or as complex as a micro-niche site or as an expansive website. Either way, you are in charge of designing the flow of your website. Creating a clear path not only helps customers feel more comfortable on your site, it also gives you a clear data system to track with, so that you can see where people are abandoning your site, where they’re engaging it or enter into it and from where, etc. etc. The more data you have to act on, the better you can design your site to attract new viewers/customers.



Thanks for the read Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

If you would like to Earn as you Learn and Grow as you Go. I invited you to click the link that follows and join us all here at Somebody Come and Play It's not considered work if you enjoy It!



         & Davis





When working in and about your ads be very careful not to click on your ad's.

Don't try to influence the readers into clicking on them either!

Let them be and work as they are intended too! Don't have your friends click them either!

These Companies spent Hundreds of Thousands to insure you aren't cheating their systems  That are in place. They are very good at what they do too! And at keeping every one and everything on the up and up.


The time you spend trying to cheat, is better used to create content, after all if you lose your accounts! You have lost your ability to generate income. It is not worth it! And it is dishonest and not worthy to be blessed by man or God.


These Companies take click fraud very seriously!

So I wouldn't click on any ads on your friends sites either or ads you think you might want to view yourself on the sites you maintain and belong too. JUST Do Not Click on Your Ads!

In these sites you have the advantage for you will see almost every ad out there. Write them down and go to a site other than your own or the ones you use. And make a search for them there, you will find them.


                                   Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

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This Promo Link below is just now, this week of Feb 20th 2011 being install into my writes and poems at This is a referral link given to Members and Affiliates to create their down lines or the people underneath them, tier structuring, this is one way to increase your earnings within companies with this benefit. The referral link is not visible here instead it is cloaked or linked to the phrase, "Come and Play with Us all at" I did this not to hide my referral link, but to use the phrase.




Somebody Come and Play If you would like to "Join" in the fun of creating writes and articles for royalties, and Earn while you Learn with us all here at
Simply click this link and Grow as you Go Come and Play with Us all here at


If you think you would like to sign-up and join in the fun for awhile you can also click the Pay Per Click Publisher's link in these teasers here and they will take you to a sign-up page. I will make a similar promo link for shortly.



LinkShare  Referral  Prg is an Affiliate hosting company of sorts and is a great way to find Affiliates to promote. You must apply for each individual Affiliate company and then LinkShare becomes the middle man.To help you keep things sorted and flowing while you keep growing. Apply today! Set your sails and sail away.

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Clicking on this Icon, will take you to one of my two WordPress Blogs.  They contain more about what it is that I am doing and my past history.
I have two Blogs with Word Press, one is quite like this site. But it is an interactive Blog where you can leave a comment and ask me a question if you wish. The other is more about me and what it is I have done and what it is I am doing now, And Here and there with this poetry stuff and my other ideals and dreams.
Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

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Poem 9
The End of Me
Has been selected for publication
A letter is sent as a last plea to his lover, as he the Poet writes and his heart cries out...
by Sinbad the Sailor Man

Donald Beres Jr./ Sinbad the Sailor Man


Independent Vemma Brand Partner

Have You had a Hard Time Building Your Twitter Accounts and Their Followers? Do You Want to See What it is I do in Both Twitter and Facebook?

Here we go, Let me try and Break Down My Pay Per Click Publisher's Some For You 


First off what is a Pay Per Click Publisher? Well it is basically a company and/or Site that allows and supports your Original written Works, Ideals, Art, ie. E-Books, Photos, Paintings, Short Stories, Sound Bites, And/or Tracks and Videos.


To be Posted and maintained from the Inter-net and the World Wide Web. They Offer various types of Word editors or processors. Templates, widgets, and various things to make this easy for you to do.


I use cause they support all these Options plus they were My First, Pay Per Click Publisher and It was refered to me by a Neopoet friend "Loved"


(There is a post from somewhere here I believe on my Website: And in one of my Blogs that explains how I got started with this all.)


Triond is the most powerful in terms of offerings and support on the technical end, but It lacks policing or a stringent monitoring program for their publishers. Once they come to terms with themselves to start such a program, they shall be a leader within this industry of that I am sure of. For they have all that is needed to rocket their publishers to the top of the search  engines. Go and check them out and you will see what I am talking about.


You can use my Triond writes widgets or click on any links within in the teasers here at my site or simply type in their address to sign up but, if you use the other options here on my site you will be placed within my down-line and as I continue to grow so will those within my down lines.


Down Lines and Followers are very important within Pay Per Click Publishing sites. For these are your Path Builders and they are the ones that will start or clear a path and keep it open and active. There-for leading traffic back to you and your Works, Social Sites, and your Websites.


Triond also offers and Addthis feature with many, many places to add your works, along with an Ad-sense association, which allows you to use your Ad-sense account if you have one. And if you are ready for one is a great place to Kick Start one off. And stick with for like I said once they impalement a editorial program, Bam! They'll be off to the races, and they will kick butt and be taking names.


You must be approved by Google to get one an Ad-sense account that is. Which is easy enough to do once your reach a certain set of standards and traffic. Go check out Google Ad-sense there is a link in here on my Website some where.


Why am I not using only Triond? Well Triond is a third world country Site based in the Middle East I believe. I am writing this off the top of my head today, sorry I'll check in to it deeper as I get more time to do so. And they pay in US dollars. Where as (small w) pays in Euros which currently is stronger than our US dollar a little more bang for my effort. Plus they have a template format and a strong community with an excellent Monitoring program.


These Two features alone have increased my efforts with earnings, greatly within over those I've done with The Freedom there within their editor as it relates to style is very limited and this aides with their earnings, I am sure, but it takes some of the joy out of writing there. As well this Publisher is strictly text based minded, although you can place Sound, Photos, and Videos within your writes it doesn't seem to support these items as individuals items, as does    


All that being said, wikinut is one of my top earners as of today and gets a great traffic response to my promoting. That I do at Where as Twitter wants to restrict my posting some of links at times and says it is marked as spam, I guess, but I get around this by posting my Authspot links in my Facebook fan page. Which will shortening the Triond link and then I have no problems promoting my Poems with Triond at Twitter.


So wikinut is a little easier to promote at Twitter than Triond is. For me anyways because I write a lot of Poetry. Plus it is in the European arena of the world and thus is in a different section of the World Wide Web and Internet community.


I am expanding my reach by writing with different Sites and Companies within different parts of the world and with different audiences. Note: wikinut only offers a share of what appears to be a single income stream. That they have with their Advertisers at this time in July 2011 where as Triond has at lest two with their advertisers and Ad-sense share.


Which bring us to Who as of this posting July 2011 is much like and in the formatted Text Business end of the spectrum, but It is based in the US and has several income sharing options, they pay in US dollars, they have their own Ad share program, along with an Amazon affiliation program, and an share option, And an Ad-sense share option. All three also offer an Affiliate option as well.


So I hope you are beginning to understand my thinking as why I write for at least three Publishers. As of today I write for only these three. As I need to build an equal balance at them all, in reference to writes/works as to see who truly is more profitable to write for. Well they all seem to follow some hidden industry standard. As they all pay roughly the same at the moment, but the works to profit ratio is not yet the same for all three of my accounts. My wikinut account has 125 works my Triond account has about 70 and my Hubpages only 31 works.


I have about one year with both Triond and wikinut and only nine months with Hubpages, but again I was out of commission for a good two months of actual work time. So I still don't know what is what, as a comparison between them for they all serve a purpose unto themselves. So Hey I'll just keep posting at them all until they equal out in works and then they will give me and you a better Ideal.


My gut is telling me as things stand today Hubpages is my best option, then wikinut, and then Triond, but if I hone and sharpen my skills more then I have. Triond offers the most artistic freedom. wikinut the strongest earning for the work. And Hubpages the strongest earning capabilities. And naturally this is only an opinion.


Thanks for the read Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man








Poem 10


Fire Drake


Has been selected for publication




A story poem: It slumbers beneath the rolling stream dreaming of your screams...



A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man





Poem 11
Damn Old Pickup Truck
Has been selected for publication
Poetry: A Story poem, about a vehicle that gives up the ghost, when it is needed the most.
I came home broken and busted up, I damned that old pickup truck... 
A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man



Poem 12




Has been selected for publication




Poetry: Reflections of disgust by love lost, look into your heart, through its endless layers...



A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man






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That you could sell ad space on your site as well as share it with other Advertisers? ** this is a dry link it does nothing when you click it, as I hinted to earlier the ads them self are encoded. This happened when you signed up with these guys that manage your ads and yes they do get a cut, but it frees you up to keep on keeping on.

Google AdSense, what can it do for you and your sites? Well I don't know just yet, but I am learning daily. These ads they spice up my rather dull page here, for one. Whenever I place new content an advertiser places a new ad, it is colorful and it usually moves.
And when there isn't one, it will give a list of links, related to my content and/or like content. So you, the reader can escape my website and return to hunting and searching your other interests.
Not to mention a potential for income earned by clicks and purchases. Yeah! I have been trying for almost a year now and I finally got enough content and traffic. To spark the interest of Advertisers.
Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

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Poem 5
Captive Spirits
Has been selected for publication
Poetry: A Story Poem
In the dark of night betrayed by a compass's trust...
A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

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Today is July 3rd 2010 and I finally got some of my poems, all original content.
Made by me and not some other's work, posted on a paying site a Pay Per Click Web Site known as, a 50/50 split.
Not what every artist is looking for, but a place to get Started, notice, and seen daily.
These sites also have communities and comment sections, for feed back on your works.
And maybe just maybe you can pick up some change once a month.
Keep watching and checking me out, things should start picking up around here. I hope!
                       Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

Clicking the Green Triond on this Widget will also allow you to check out Triond members or Sign In or Up! This widget is also a part of my Traffic Wheel that I have been speaking of.

This is a Beta Program I am using to make some of my Poetry E-Books! Give it a look see and if you like it, try it out. There are several of these types of Book Publishers out there on the Inter-net today.


This Blog is an interactive Blog as well.
You may leave comments, and it will link you from my posts, to other bloggers posts.
Through the means of tags, at the bottom or the top of each of my posts.
Within WordPress, you may do this, with almost all of their Blogs, including the one up above.
Just click the skull and bones and he will he will take you to a Blog where all my writes and poems will be.
Click the lady in the towel and she will take you to what I am learning and what I am and planning to do.  
      Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man 
You may be wondering why I sign my pen name as often as I do.
It is content that the search engines counts and picks out to categorize this site and me.
This is a signature sign off that I use.
It is an SEO device, as well are My Pen Name and this sites name, as it holds my Keywords within Its title.


I Recommend These For Would be Poets

(Site's Blog)

(Teaser 13-16)

(Teaser 5-8)

A Marketing Funnel? What's That?

Learn How a Marketing Funnel Works and How It Can Work for You


I use a number of different Lead Capture Companies and devices for my funnels. By clicking the youtube below here or on the pages that follow you will see several options and theories that people are using. At Vemma you will be placed into a perfect learning funnel. One which will show you how you can grow with Our Vemma Program. Or any other MLM Marketing Venture or Direct Sells Program that you may be involved with. We all have our own training styles and funnels.

Becoming a Success requires you to take action and to keep showing up for training until you see results. So many of us are only "Want to Bees and Lookie Lous " Who will and do start many things and then quit saying “I tried It, but It Didn’t Work!” But If the truth be told neither did we or they. They Never Gave It Their All and we just gave up on them.

Showing up is 90% of the battle. Now what you need to do is ACT! You must complete 100% of the task to be successful at anything. As with a computer program Download. If you don’t receive the complete 100% of the down load. You won’t receive the Program nor will you be successful with getting it to even work. You'll never have any success with It. If you don't give it your all. Its that simple. You must complete the Down Load task or put in all the effort required. You must learn from our example.

Don’t worry you can still Opt out at any time and go back to your same old situation as before. But to see the whole effect; I would ask you to give it Your All! Make a commitment for a said period of time. So you can see if it is working and so you can measure if it is working.

If you do begin Note that It happens at different speeds for everyone. Some will get It over night. For some it will take several months to a year even. You must Be in It, to Win! Plan to do this with all your heart and you shall do just fine.

Treat this new venture as if it were your last and only option. It just might be. On-line Business is not easier then a traditional Brick and Mortar Business or a real world business. Except the initial start up is usually a lot cheaper for an On-line business. Which is a Good and Bad thing. Good for those with limited funds who truly desire a chance. And bad for those who have the extra funds and are just looking for extra income. As this causes many people to give up easier; because it cost them less to get in. And they equate that low start up as an acceptable Loss.

Don't be fool or tricked by the low investment these systems generate great wealth for the right people. Give it the same respect that you would a Million Dollar Franchise Buy In and it will earn you as much or more profit and within the same time period or much quicker.

You got to be willing to Do It until you can do It no longer or until you are successful somewhere else with something else. You are the reason you succeed or fail! Nothing else can be accepted as the truth. You and only you decide whether you will sink or swim. Even If someone has thrown you into these deadly waters of the unknown. It is not that hard to begin treading these waters.

And that will make a sizeable difference in just how fast you will grow and your reputation In the years that follow. Which is all you got as a Marketer! So guard it well you reputation. Your are the Product! Or you soon will become the Product! People join people. You must learn to market yourself as well as the Products and Opportunities you refer.


A one pack Auto Ship is the most affordable option and it is how I had to get started. And this can work for you too! If your willing to really work hard and grow slowly. Get the most Bang your buck. We have many options open for those willing to do the Do and are ready to dive right in. And this simply said will boost your rate of growth. Any Option will earn you a free Marketing website at Vemma much like the one you will see at my Vemma website

But hey the choice is yours. There are Bigger and Better options, there are different products that will per-qualify you for different Bonuses and will advance you faster. But they require more from you as well as the time and energy you will need to sell these to others. A bigger investment and this is fine and a great option. If it is within in your means to do so. But Get Started! Take that first step and remember this is Not Only a Part Time Job. But a Full Time Future that you are building.

Understand this if you want to build this business or any Business. You will need to know the people in the "Know" or those who are one or two steps ahead of you. And have been were you are now. And are in that specific Field or Niche of a Business. We call these people here at Vemma our Up-line Mentors. If you wish to become your own Boss and earn from Home or anywhere else. Where you can connect to your prospects from. Via the Phone or Inter-net. You will need their help and they are extremely willing to give it to you.

People; you as a Pre-Enrollee and your placement in a Success-Line of mine or anyone else. It depends on when you join our business (get in). Talk with the En-roller who first referred you or that Vemma Brand Partner. When you sign up with any program get to know your Mentors and Up-line. That first contact is very important. You will be able to tell if they are in it to win It.

Vemma's training and their Enrollers your Up-line they are the Bomb! You must become the clean-up mechanism. Please take the Time to Learn to use the training offered and get to know your up-lines to the best of your ability. So that you will Learn well enough to Earn. For if you don't; the next step becomes very frustrating. Duplication is this next step. You will need to teach Others what it is you have been doing and have done to get your success. Because their success becomes your success. As Your Success will become my Success.

What do you have to lose if you don’t try? Nothing! And all you lose by trying is some time learning some new and valuable skills. And just by redirecting money you are already spending. You will risk way less then if you were to choose just about any other business and their options out there Today.

Speaking of Opportunities they are getting pretty limited these days. If you were brave enough to even try one that is out there. This Opportunity cost way, way, less than any franchised business or a Mom & Pop start up under taking. Plus these our products are all good for you and your Health. Without Health your Wealth will have and hold little meaning to you.

You have everything to gain. Knowledge, Friendships, Income, Transferable skills, and Health. Vemma is more than just a Product that you sell. It becomes a Lifestyle that you choose. We'd be happy to have you come aboard and try something new with us. Were expecting you. Vemma has Boat loads of help and training when you seek it out.


Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man




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They will bring up some if not quite a few of my works.
This is a key word and a Search String or Querry.
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When I start my Blogs here I use a common sign on Hello all, or Hey all
These are Search Engine Recognized or Strings and/or Querries at Google and at Yahoo mostly. or, but not just for my site!
After working a little with SEO
You'll soon be able to pick up on phrases. Pay very close attention and you will find the ones you use in and about your pages, your writes, and your sites.
              Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man


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Oh I forgot to tell ya all, that this is my Treasure Map where I have been placing my treasures and hints and tips to more of it buried through out the WWW

On my sites and Blogs and in my Blogs and comments on the sites that I play and work on and in.



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Look these text links are part of my Traffic Wheel. They are mostly Profile Pages of mine.
Can you find the other parts to my Wheel here? They are the Widgets and Badges as well as some other text links and still others pay attention to the little things.

Blogger Blog

Here is the most important Blog I own and I have forgot to link it or even mention it, wow how stupid can I get? I told you I get confused and side tracked often. But for some reason I thought I had this Blog up and running from day one. It was in my notes to do, but as I said before I have certain disabilities that keep me from seeing the obvious mistakes.
Others can see them right away, but I see them  rarely unless I am seeking them out. And I see them as I think them if that makes any sense. For you it might not be there yet, but I see them there! They are pictured in my mind, but are not yet set in stone.
Well that is one reason you must surf you own sites often, but remember don't click on your ads! Click the Sail Boat to See My Most Important Blog




Promote, Promote, Promote, ??? Where, When, and How?

Learn from those who have learned, watch the Top Ten! Pay attention copy their steps, do as they are doing it now! Check all the information on your sites and pages that you can! Schedule your postings, spread them around, make them linkable.


Promoting, How to do this and Where to it.

Well I've only really started doing this steady and hard since the 3rd of July 2010, but I have been playing around and recording information since 2001. I knew Twitter was going to be big when I first saw it come on the scene. And I kinda thought Facebook would fare well, but not as well as it has. Youtube was and still is a big hit. I wish I still had all my video camera's and sound equipment. Not that you need all that much to get up and running any more, a good microphone and a high quality web camera can and will get you up and running in no time or just join and use other Youtuber's videos, but first get their permission if, they are not public domain videos.

Why Promote? Well here at wikinut I have been running my own little tests to see what happens when I do post and when I don't. Say when I post at Twitter and then at Facebook and then at Myspace. Now mind you these are only my tests, for my pages! I am only using content here at wikinut and using my sites alone for these tests.

I must say they are not all equal in numbers or followers. My biggest account is with Facebook, then Twitter, then Myspace. 932 followers, 764 followers, and then a measly 14 friends. So the tests are not fair in any sense of the word, but they do give me an idea what happens here at wikinut when I post and when I do not post on them.

Also I am talking about only my wikinut postings, and not others postings here at wikinut as each writer will have a different number of factors that could or would change the results. We here at wikinut have the advantage of the use of our stats, a great tool stats, if you know how to use them. I would suggest if you don't know you learn quickly.

If nothing else view them every time you log in, they will start to paint you a picture. Now my tests are in no way set up to be say, a test that a true company would design and use to rank with. But they give me the simply truth in that the Numbers do not lie. No matter were or how much of my content I post the views change greatly.

Now I have to take in account that wikinut and all of us here cause and organic increase in numbers with every new posting, because we are nosy and want to see who is posting what, it is just the nature of the machine. The more followers we have and interact with here, drives more traffic. Traffic within in and with out our closed community. But with that in mind the numbers just do not lie!

The Wave and the Roll, After you Have Reached a Threshold this Begins to Occur Naturally

The wave or the roll is cause by content that is already created and is being view or reviewed. Now this happens more frequently with linked pages, verse unlinked pages for this reason alone if the viewer likes the first write or just because their nosy, I think its the latter myself, but it doesn't matter. LOL a little poet humor there, but the out come is the same, for the numbers are only telling us, the viewer-ship of the works and not the actual length of time of the visit at these works.

If you post on a regular schedule you will cause a wave, especially when your content is linked to your other content or to others content, that is linked with your content. The wave is the bottom line in the graph, it is registering your clicks on the ads on your page. The roll is the top line which depicts the views or click throughs.

Now it has to be a logical link, it can't be nonsensical, other wise the viewer will stop viewing the links, because they become annoyed by them, it is just that simple. The wave is what eventually will earn your income or drive it, but how do you drive the wave or the roll? By linking and promoting like content. Now if you have works outside of you should always link them back to IF, I said your roll numbers are driving you to create and they should be as soon as your stats, they start falling.

Only with Like content or Brand New content, and your links to them leading out and back in, are you going to see an increase in your waves. This linking should never happen at random, otherwise the Viewers will stop clicking and leave! They don't, I repeat don't like boxes or traps! Even if they don't know that this is what it is. A random link that has no reasoning to be link with this current page is a trap or a box!

So never create a link that has little or nothing to do with your site or your pages. A link for no reason or with no reasoning will stop a viewer dead in his tracks. Now there are always exceptions to the rule! If you're comparing or promoting another of your websites or pages, but always give a little message to the viewer so they aren't deaf and blind to the reason you are sending them this particular link.

Which has nothing to do with this particular topic, site, or page their currently on or at. I.E. of a little message for unrelated content links "Other works by this Author", "My other sites", "If you like this you should try this" etc, etc.

Links are a natural pathway builder, which will drive views, which is the roll and the clicks that come because of the views, is the wave. When done correctly remember like content, or same Author, or same subject, or self promoting your other sites.

Because I know for a fact, if the link doesn't have something to do with the former page. I am done clicking and I am not staying! UN-less! By chance it has something I am also interested in. And this is rarely the case so, I become annoyed, as will these other viewers, for our time is precious to us!

Twitter and Facebook, Posting and Promoting


These two Sites drive views like no other, no doubt about it at all! From all my tests. From 32 views twice a week to 1200 views after just 8 to12 hours of posting them at one or the other or both of Twitter and Facebook. Now I know this shouldn't be the case, but for reasons unbeknown to me, it seems to always be the case.

After a simple stream of posts on these two especially. It is as if, these posts were brand new to the viewers. Because they have all been posted before, but still not everyone has seen them. As a matter of fact it is likely many haven't seen them. Because of the rotations of the walls and rollers, or the time of day. The new is piled upon the old. So you need to keep this in mind most people do not look at the older postings on these sites, as they are just too active and busy being added too.

Facebook is less tolerant then Twitter is with your postings. You may get a spamming warning or a complaint from a follower on Facebook, but seldom on Twitter. So I went and got a fan page on Facebook, but the Fan page still posts to my home page's wall, everything I post to it, but yet, I get no complaints or warnings from the fan page postings, from Facebook or my followers, but still I only post on Monday mornings about 3:30 am Until I have posted all of my wikinut or my Triond works, along with some of my Clickbank
e-books or other products.

And then again on Wednesday early morning, all of the other publishers works in a lump or all of them from 3:30 am till they are all posted. I also will post some of my new works from Hubpages now and Poetrysoup and any new income stream or potential income stream, just to see if and how they react or drive my traffic here at

I don't need to run any more test for my self now. I now know If I schedule my posting of my new works with a few related links, I will cause my roll and waves to grow in size and in frequency. If I use my other works from my other publishers, I will grow traffic streams and pathways. To all the locations were my works are and can be seen.

Bookmarkers Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit and the Many Others.

I also use these sites they are very good at getting Like content out and noticed! But you must work your membership at these sites and find those who are looking for your niche or style of writing. Mine was mostly poetry and still is, but it is also of a Religious nature and I guess.

And now a Political nature even though I am not at all that political, I think anyways, but only time will tell. Hot subjects and trends and pleasurable things are great traffic builders, but they lose there value over night. That is my opinion and we all have at least one.

Also if you are striving to build your income streams, you must have other streams, the more you have the steadier the flow will become. If you are using PayPal to collect this will become more apparent.

If you are using companies with threshold payments it will take some time to see your increases. I have made over $15.00 US so far, but have only collected .70 cents. So don't give up this is the way it works for most of us. Until we can get all the pieces working in unison like a well oiled machine.

I have stated on my website that this Pay Per Click Publishing business is not for the lazy at heart or of any other kind of laziness. It requires steady work, not hard work, but steady and continual additions. Always re-read and go over your works find the incorrect phrasings, the misspellings, and unclear ideas. Then enhance them if you can, link them to your other works here at and your other Publishers. Keep your works on top of the new heaps, or on top of all the other new content added daily by making them the very best you can.

Because they will work as long as they are posted. Great record keepers should fare well with this kind of work, as long as they can create. And great creators should fare very well, as long as they can keep great records and schedules.
So on and on it goes. Make your plan and believe me, you need one, it needs to be mapped out! What it is you will do and how you will do it, to make it a reality.

Get a picture in your mind and don't let it out of your sight! Keep doing it, till it happens! It will happen if you Grow as you Go!   


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